PARIS - Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF) - suppl. gr. 1317

Content Theologica   > Alia  
Date 13th c.
Origin the Monastery of Saint John Chrysostomos < Koutzobentes < Cyprus
Identification Diktyon (Pinakes), 53978
Comment The codex was copied for the Enkleistra of St. Neophytos in Cyprus ca. 1200, but later became property of the Metochion of the Holy Sepulchre in Constantinople. A. Papadopoulos Kerameus described the MS in 1891 and published his description in 1899. Some years later the MS is to be found in Paris in the hands of a dealer who finally sold it to the Bibliothèque Nationale. On this see Constantinides-Browning (1993:99).
Occurrences f. 5r [22014] τέλο(ς) πίνακο(ς) δευτερευούσης | βίβλου [13th c.]

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