TURIN - Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria B. I. 22 (Pasini 79)

Date 01/04/1049-30/04/1049
Bibliography G. Pasini, A. Rivautella, F. Berta, 1749, Codices manuscripti Bibliothecae Regii Taurinensis Athenaei, Turin: 173-174
Identification Diktyon (Pinakes), 63642
Comment The manuscript contains a catena on the Psalms.

The catalogue erroneoulsy dates the manuscript to the year 1149. The correct dating is to be found in the prose colophon on f. 308v.
Occurrences f. 308v [21932] Ψάλτιξ ἔναρθρος μυστικῆς μελωδίας [01/04/1049-30/04/1049]

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