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Konstantinos Laskaris (15th c.) - RGK: I.223, II.313, III.362 - VGH: 242.F - PLP: VI.14540 - PBE: - PBW: - PMBZ:
Date 10th c.
Bibliography I. Hardt, 1810, Catalogus codicum manuscriptorum graecorum Bibliothecae Regiae Bavaricae. Cod. CCCXLVIII-CCCCLXXII continens (vol. 4), Munich: 437-440
Identification Diktyon (Pinakes), 44912
Comment Hardt (1810: 437): 'initio et fine in charta suppletus a Constantino Lascare'.
Occurrences f. 165r [21319] Ζωῆς θησαυρὸς ὑποκεῖται ἐνταῦθα [11th-15th c.]

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