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Basileios Anzas - RGK: III.66 (ho tou sakkeliou, monachos)
Date 11th c.
Identification Diktyon (Pinakes), 65005
Comment Speranzi (2012: 347 n. 38): 'il pinax al f. 1v del Vat. Barb. gr. 462 è da attribuire a Zanobi Acciaiuoli' (16th c.).

Parpulov (2017: 94, note 17) points out that the manuscript is part of a two-volume set together with Copenhagen, Det Kongelige Bibliothek, GkS 1343,4°, and proposes to identify Georgios Pamphilos as the scribe: 'The entire manuscript is copied by one scribe, whom I identify as George Pamphilus'.

He suggests that Basileios Anzas has ordered the codices to be copied, but did not do it himself (idem, note 22): 'RGK III, nr. 66, mistakenly identifies Anzas as a scribe. In fact the verb τεύχω in the poems means that he commissioned the manuscript'.

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